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The Flood


Designed and Concieved by Amanda Knehans


Project Proposal:

An apocalyptic tale influenced equally by myth, religion, and current events, this drama follows an old man in the swamps of Louisiana as he faces the greatest flood in history.  When the flood waters rise, the old man finds himself drowning in plastic, electronics, wires, and other man made waste.  The old man takes to his boat to avoid the the rising trash levels, but soon finds out this is not the only threat he faces when he is almost torn to pieces by a monster hiding in the swamp waste.  As the old man fights to stay alive and afloat he witnesses his neighbors succumb to the deadly flood.  Finally, salvation arrives when a drag queen on a Mardi Gras float pulls the old man from the debris.  The flood waters rescind and the survivors are left to build a new world.


Scale:  1/4" = 1'-0"

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